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From early discovery phase until the end of support, we have services to fulfill every phase of your equipment life cycle.

System Design and Architecture

Need hardware quotes for a new application project? Are you unsure if you should go with blades or rack mount servers? Are you not sure how many CPUs or how much memory to use? Deciding on whether to have your equipment preconfigured and tested before delivery or have everything integrated onsite? We work with many application companies and ISVs to understand what their software requires. By understanding your current environment and strategic goals, we can assist you in building the right solution that will meet your needs for today and tomorrow.

Architect | Assess | Implement | Install | Support | Manage

On-Site and Remote Installations

Partner One Tech provides comprehensive installation services for IT infrastructure products. We provide you with the installation assistance and expertise required to achieve a smooth and successful start-up for a system environment to ensure that your systems are running at optimal level right from the start.

Installation services include:

• New server, storage and network appliance installations
• New SAN installations
• De-installations and re-installations (ex. datacenter moves)
• All system and SAN upgrades (ex. CPUs, memory, disks)

Support Agreements

Partner One Tech offers complete hardware and software services that enable you to increase the availability of your IT infrastructure.

Service Benefits
• Improved IT infrastructure uptime
• Support for multivendor hardware and software products
• May reduce the cost of purchasing individual software updates through subscription savings
• Increase system performance and reduce downtime due to software defects
• Expedited problem resolution through trained technical resources

It’s passion, not only work!

We love what we do and do our best to make work fun.

Technology Recycling and eWaste

Complying with EPA guidelines is important but it’s not easy. Partner One Technologies Asset Recovery Services provides the logistic and disposal capabilities to recover and dispose of owned or leased computer equipment in a manner that follows EPA guidelines.

• Asset removal & logistics, safe transport to our facility
• Detailed Reporting and Asset tracking
• Asset Tag/or company ID removal
• Data Security removal three-pass DoD wipe
• Hard drive destruction

We have a number of asset recovery and e-waste program options suited to fit your unique environment.

Asset Recovery

We are authorized resellers for many Tier 1 manufacturers. Many of our clients purchase new systems and need to get rid of their retired or replaced systems. Fortunately, these retired systems often have market value and do not need to be recycled. Therefore, we are able to offset their purchase by buying these systems or downgraded components.

Over the years, we have become experts in remarketing previously owned equipment. We understand you may not have ordered your new systems from us or you purchased equipment we don’t deal with. Nonetheless, we would certainly like to get involved in purchasing your old systems to be remarketed.

End-of-Life Security and Protection

When you retire your systems, you likely have them sent somewhere to be recycled. Your data is not something you want anyone to use somewhere else. Our data protection and security services are the bridge between recycling and data security. Our services for this include:

• Our team arrives at your site
• Technician scans, captures and logs each hard drive’s serial number
• Hard drive is physically shredded
• Destruction report is issued and sent to the customer

Financial Services

IT solutions are not exactly inexpensive when you consider costs for hardware, software, support, real estate and management. If your organization has a need to preserve working capital, we have alternatives for short term and long term requirements.


From time to time, our clients need equipment for a short period of time. To meet these requirements, we offer short term rentals for many products in your heterogeneous environment. In working with most of the Tier 1 manufacturers, we can help you with multiple platform solutions regardless of the term. Our short term rental terms can be as little as 1 week and up to 12 months. We can get you what you need until the job or requirement is completed. If it will be more than 12 months, we would move you into a lease.


We offer capital leasing and operating leasing for virtually everything we provide. In addition, we can bundle everything into this financial solution (hardware, software and services). For an FMV lease we offer terms from 12 months to 60 months. If you want to own the equipment at the end of the lease, we offer a $1.00 buy out with terms of 12 months to 36 months.

Audit and Consignment

Partner One Technologies has a vast network of global traders for remarketed equipment. This industry relies on retired systems and equipment from end users and leasing companies. We can help you convert your obsolete assets to cash or a credit toward new acquisitions. This not only provides you a return on your assets, but it will free up much needed space at your site


After a complete audit of your inventory, we will make you a no obligation cash offer. If accepted, we will arrange for pick up and pay all transportation costs. We can also take care of de-installation through our professional services, if needed (professional services fees apply). We will test all equipment upon receipt within 5 business days and have a check sent to you within 7 business days. If you decide to take a credit for the equipment, we will apply your credit within the same amount of time.


If you are interested in a higher return on your assets, then you may want to consider consignment. Consignment does have a longer cycle for a cash or credit return, but we predetermine a percentage split between the two organizations where your organization will get a higher percentage than Partner One Technologies. This option is typically chosen when the client has a large number of assets being removed. On a monthly basis, we will send you a detailed report and recovery check.


If you’re looking to get new systems now and you’re replacing systems or consolidating, we can do an upfront trade-in to reduce your capital investment. With our current economic times, this has proven to be very useful for people working on a limited budget. We can assess your trade-in systems prior to your purchase and have this credit applied to your order.

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